Four thoughts to twist your marketing!

Posted on September 30, 2015

Four thoughts to twist your marketing!

Offer something others don’t.

This is your competitive advantage, what makes you, your product or offering so uniquely different that customers are going push through your doorway.

Take time to identify what your “something” is, when you’ve discovered it, it will be a Eureka moment for your business.

Instead of seeking to be similar to other businesses, products or services, look for the differences. Where is the gap, where is the hole in the market place, how can you be different, better, smarter?

Just turning up and creating the same old thing everybody else does, feels very safe. You potentially are handing your competitors the opportunity to engage you in a miserable race to the bottom. That’s a battle no – one wins.


Be real and check in often

Promoting your business via social media, print media, web site, database communication, industry award recognition, whatever way you choose do it. Above the line or below the line, it’s a total blow out if you are not present and accountable for the campaign and walking the talk, following up and checking in.

Check and monitor your chosen marketing style. Ensure it speaks with the true voice of your business and it’s the method that works for you at this time. If it’s not, then its simple to choose another option.

Your customers won’t give you feedback on your marketing campaign efforts. If the campaign missed the mark or your investment was not followed through with due diligence, reporting and communication. Your customers just don’t shop as often, or buy as much and stop opening your emails; check you’re on track with your marketing expectation. If you’re marketing your business you should know why and if you’re not marketing your business, you should also know why?


Avoid competency

Being competent places you in a plateau zone, a safe space where nobody has to work too hard, or think too creatively, no one has to experiment or risk doing something differently.

The arrival at competency came from hard work, practicing, and refining what you do. Have you forgotten the knee knocking inertia that drove you to get to this point, the decisions you made, the risks you took, the spotting of an opportunity that you jumped at, and gave a go?

Keep going, don’t stop now that you’re exquisitely competent, do something that scares your competition and stimulates you to be more discerning about your business, and more connected to your marketplace.


Fly your Flag

Tell the market who you are, what you do and why you do it.

You do this with your brand. Audi, Holden, Toyota all make cars, they make vehicles to get you from point A to point B. They have created a point of difference, discernable and desirable to their marketplace.

Car manufacturers make a brand, marketers promote the brand, car yards sell the brand and people drive a brand.

If someone asks you what you drive, you tell them, the name of the brand.

Create something special, invent a new product, refashion an old product, invest in the idea brand and fly your flag, your marketplace will notice, they’re looking for you