Get the logo you’d rather have, represent you!

Posted on August 14, 2015

Get the logo you’d rather have, represent you!

Our world is becoming increasingly smaller; being online has pushed out the boundaries of mind and shore. Opportunity to outsource design work online is an increasingly popular and liberating option, particularly for start up businesses.

There are a plethora of sites offering all manner of design work, from graphic to website and logo, with some that offer logo’s created for as little as a “fiver”. You’ll be spoilt for choice with so many companies offering these low rate design services.

The companies operating these design portals certainly have clicked into a marketplace need. As most businesses fully understand that having a logo, creates a modicum of professionalism, and the online service offers a cheap solution.

There are a many traps for young players, if you understand the rules and how the system works you could be very pleased with the results, using an online service. However, like any good game there are a few ladders and often, many more snakes.

Understand the difference between a brand and a logo.
A logo is an image or word art that is applied to a product or service.
A brand is your company’s personality; this will incorporate the logo, combined with the brand message and strategy, which is applied comprehensively across all marketing material and collateral. A brand must have the ability to expand, engage and connect with the audience you seek.

Who is your online designer?
Commonly the designers that offer their services online through these companies are young fledgling designers. They may well be in their 1st week of a graphic design course.
English is usually not their first language so reading a brief may be tricky and misunderstood.
Their work is often very unsophisticated and basic, be aware of this.

Show me the money.
If it seems like it’s a bargain basement deal for you, it’s a bottom of the barrel deal for the designer. You actually pay the big bucks to the company in commissions and fees. For example a $100 design would net the designer about $30. The designers are pretty desperate and are looking for practice and connection by hanging out on online sites. If you have the option, pay more and seek mature, experienced designers.

Running the campaign.
To have success using online design services you must be prepared to dedicate many hours to managing the project.
Designers will be very demanding needing feedback and revision. Write a very clear brief from the beginning, include your concept and rough drawings, provide examples of designs you like and the vision you have for your logo.

Understand the value of the design.
The look and feel of your new logo may scream cheap, disconnected and created online. This is a big hit and a cost to your brand and business, be super mindful of the impact a logo makes and consider the value that it truly offers. It could do more harm to your image and business than benefit.

There was a fabulous Johnny Walker advertisement than ran on television years ago.
A Bottle shop owner, a brusque Frenchman questions a tight of wallet customer.
“Would you prefer to have the whiskey that you would rather pay for – or would you prefer to have the whiskey that you’d rather drink?”

Brilliant logic isn’t and a powerful message. To have and want quality requires an investment, it costs. The benefits of this cost far outweigh the false economy of poor choice and 2nd rate.

Tread carefully online.