Get More Bang for your Buxus

Posted on August 19, 2014

Get More Bang for your Buxus

Get More Bang for your Buxus
How to generate more profit and demand for your product?

The Nursery industry produces one of the most beautiful, intelligent and sustainable products available in today’s market place. Plants. An item, that has taken generations of accrued knowledge to create, and in many cases, this product has taken years of nurture to bring it into the market place.

If you want people to pay more for your product then you need to give them a reason to do so. A good place to start is by creating a point of difference.

By explanation if we look at a popular plant, such as the Buxus, box plants, presented in a range of sizes, the package is tragically complete with the good old stick in generic label, featuring the sweeping hedge of tiny green leaves and general dour instructions on plant care.
This same plant with its generic label is on offer across a spectrum of store types. Garden Centres, Box Stores, Online.
The only differentiation we are offering the potential consumer, is the PRICE of the plant. Cheapness, the cheapest wins!
Not all customers buy on price.
More and more, the new generation of “gardeners” are looking for recognizable brands – an image an emotion anything that creates some resonance, a confirmation in their synapsis that this item is for them.

This point of difference, PRICE, has been the controller and driver of our industry forever. We make people buy on price because we offer them same plant -same pot -same label, same “garden centre experience.

Obtaining a higher price for plants and generating more profit requires a shift in the cultural paradigm it requires investment in your product, it’s presentation, branding and marketing -and your company brand, your reputation and recognition.

If as an industry we considered ourselves as creative’s, not as farmers producing a crop that we just throw out to open the market. Let’s move our thinking from growing the grape to becoming the wine merchant. Open your entrepreneurial self and be the Jamie Oliver not the chef.
Now is the time to present and package plants for the new market and it’s time we really gave ourselves some cred’ for the amazing skill and knowledge that we have as professionals and really profit from it.

This is the challenge, as it takes discipline, decision and direction.

If the busy ness of just running the nursery is distracting you from making profit now may be the right time to shift your thinking?

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