Hipsters come garden!

Posted on September 11, 2014

Hipsters come garden!

Hipsters come garden.

That 30ish age group, intelligent, sensitive, internet born and cashed up.…and they love our product….they love “grow your own”.

They are seriously into stripping away all the nonsense and bling of the material world. They are the wonderful new, hippy dippy, tree hugging generation of our time.

Who’s talking to them? Who’s educating them? Have a look around at the Vertical walls – trees suspended in sphagnum moss balls – wearable plant jewellery, macramé pot plant holders and terrariums… they are launching them selves back beyond their childhood memories and expanding their need and desire to Naturefy the urban world they function and live in.

It’s time to grab this market! Let’s educate them, we risk them becoming intergenerational bad gardeners – Much like the Master chef /cooking competition phenomenon they wooed a generation of kids that didn’t know how to cook – but desperately wanted to, young adults that love the joy of sharing table and flavour filled creativity. Learning to garden and to grow plants (in a hipster kind of way) can bring to them to us….

Let’s get Mastercheffy let’s take a leap sideways and do something different let’s invent a program – a day – an event and bring them to us….let’s show them some things they can hipsterise in the garden and let them play in our sandpit…..Before some one else, or another industry does!