If you’re not talking to your customers, who is?

Posted on April 20, 2016

If you’re not talking to your customers, who is?

Right now at this moment in time, emailing is the most preferred and commonly used method of communication.

Inexpensive, reliable and direct, it offers an immediate hit in this whirling, need to know, need to have, now, world.

Direct email marketing gives you the opportunity as a businesses, retail or production, to talk directly to your customers. A wonderful tool in the right hands, you can effectively convert communication into sales. Stimulate interest, inform, educate and entertain.

Direct email does not annoy your customer, your customer is expecting it, and they want to hear what you have to say. Well, unless you’re being totally bland and boring? That’s what the unsubscribe button is for, it’s the dunking button. If your customer is not amused, your deleted. Harsh but fair, so be interesting!

People don’t read, (gosh I hope you’re still with me). Effective emails are varied, visual and engaging. If you only ever send, the same old, dragged out of the box instructions, on how to fertilise a gardenia, or prune a hydrangea, forget it, Send a video on how to instead. If you just hang an excel spreadsheet with no images on the bottom of an email blast, that’s broadcasting boring, be interesting, you need to get the email opened! Get colourful, go out amongst the production benches with your Smartphone and record a video, demonstrate how your stock looks today and send that!

Shake up your email content, send information one week, a sales offer the next, a stunning picture or video on the next round. Create curiosity; if you send out the same thing every time, you’ll diminish your chance to be opened. The aim of sending an email is to have it opened, then read, and then responded too.

A picture tells a thousand words, this old cliché still rings true in this effervescent Internet arena, the image is Queen.

Use amazing images to sell your message. The image is best if it belongs to you of course, and ensure it is small or web optimised, sending a large image takes too long to load and gobbles up time, computer fuel and people patience.

If the image is Queen, then the headline is King, write killer headlines to get your email opened.

The killer headline goes in the subject line; resist the urge to type in text that could be interrupted as spam words. An open ended question is usually a winner….Look what just landed into our store….?
Have you been waiting for this new batch of……..?

Creating a call to action with your communication encourages a connection, however be mindful that you’re not being too pushy, remember it’s not about you in this style of marketing; it’s all about who you’re communicating too. Make the communication personal and write it, as if you were talking to that one person only, with genuine interest.

An email open rate of around 20% – 25% is fairly average and a normal rate to expect, gauging your open rates and your click through rates, (this is the number of times someone has clicked on or opened your link to a stock list or looked at your offer) will give you clues to what works and what doesn’t with your email communication marketing.

Write small and write often, keep your words tight and punchy, get to the point quickly and be interesting and memorable. You are branding yourself with this style of communication; you must look your best and be regular. Set aside a day a week or every couple, to send an email to your database be short and sweet and full of entertainment.

Email communication, used as a direct marketing tool is super effective and works, if like all things in business – you focus on it!

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