Posted on November 20, 2014


Social Media is an important and useful tool for business and communications.
Understand it and your options and you can accelerate marketing campaigns with blissful success.

Should you engage in social media? Ignore it? Or do what many (if you were born before 1984) do, in fear and ignorance, poo hoo it and dismiss it, and – it’s totally your call. However ignorance has never made for good business decision, not wanting to understand or *staying safe and sticking to the “good ole days” model is limiting. “Old legacy” thinking can actually apply a hand brake to business opportunity andgrowth. Understanding social media and the possibilities your business is empowering, exhilerating and a savvy way to market your business.

What social media offers is multiple channels for you to
 into, it allows you to reach out, far beyond your imagination, to talk
 your audience. Inexpensive, far reaching and infinite, social media can keep you top of mind and in front of your customer and importantly assist in a consumers decision to engage with you.

However with so many options, such as You Tube, Blogging, Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, so many options, it can appear bamboozling and totally overwhelming.

Importantly, understand that they don’t all work. One “channel” will work brilliantly for you, your business or offering. Two may support one another, however exceeding three streams of social media is, over resourcing, doubling up, and can dilute, rather than strengthen your message.

Equipped with some clear marketing strategies, you will quickly identify what stream is going to work best for your goal. Each stream of social media has strengths and limitations. Each stream of social media has its groupies and audience. Avoid the conversations with your “12 year old niece” or the office cat about which stream of social media is best for your business, unless of course you want to talk to her group of friends?

Social media works most effectively when it is connected in to a clear vision or agenda, backed up with a campaign and resourced, checked and measured. This is one of the most exciting aspects of social media is that almost instant, allowing you to measure the response to your call to action. At last, the knee jerk reaction to a promotion or advertising campaign is available for you to measure.

Empower yourself with knowledge, accept that social media is a vital tool in your business marketing strategy and acquire a modicum of understanding of the channel you select. Applying the youngest member of your staff to “manage” a facebook campaign or page could be one of the most expensive and brand- damaging exercises you lazily could perform.

And to that end, Facebook is not the bee’s knees, gen X’s love it however as a broad brush marketing tool….buying friends has never worked in life and the same applies online, consider carefully if Facebook is relevant or useful to your business.

Social media is above and beyond the chat room and photo sharing it is about communication…it is a superb tool; just as you wouldn’t prune the roses with a vegetable knife…it’s certainly a case of right tool for the right job!