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with innovative & effective concepts, clear words, sharp image & smart design

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    For sites that look and function with style and ease

    Ecommerce sites|Corporate Sites|Multiple member sites|Self managed sites|Interactive stocklists & forms



    Create “look at me product”, that speaks your brand

    Unique Artwork & Design|Practical & Impressive Solutions|Contemporary or Traditional|Reinvent or Revamp for today’s market place



    Spread your message and connect

    Copy writing for Print or Web | Email Blasts | Video creation & editing | Booklets Brochures | Product labels | Data base management|Horticulturally speaking



    Sharp classy design that creates impact

    Design & Brand creation | Logo design | Web sites Communication templates | Labels | Brand makeover

I’ve created

  • Citrus Men eCommerce site
    Citrus Men eCommerce site
  • ISCN multilingual website
    ISCN multilingual website
  • The Plant Shop eCommerce Store
    The Plant Shop eCommerce Store
  • Citrus2Grow Website
    Citrus2Grow Website
  • Eyles Citrus Website
    Eyles Citrus Website
  • Grow Master Website
    Grow Master Website
  • Grafted for Performance!
    Grafted for Performance!
  • Citrus Men Logo
    Citrus Men Logo
  • Pipsqueak Logo
    Pipsqueak Logo
  • Adopt A Tree Brand
    Adopt A Tree Brand
  • Grow Better – Sea Tea
    Grow Better – Sea Tea
  • ISCN Logo
    ISCN Logo
  • Citrus Splitzer – Brand & Marketing Collateral
    Citrus Splitzer – Brand & Marketing Collateral
  • Eyles Citrus Logo
    Eyles Citrus Logo
  • ASQ Garden & Landscape Brand
    ASQ Garden & Landscape Brand
  • The Plant Shop Logo
    The Plant Shop Logo
  • Jasmine’s Rose
    Jasmine’s Rose
  • Citrus2Grow Video
    Citrus2Grow Video
  • The Plant Shop Newsletter
    The Plant Shop Newsletter
  • Grow Master Ball
    Grow Master Ball
  • Wagners Interactive Stock Form
    Wagners Interactive Stock Form
  • ASQ Published Garden News
    ASQ Published Garden News
  • Grow Master Newsletter
    Grow Master Newsletter
  • Eyles  Juicy News Eblast – Data Base Management
    Eyles Juicy News Eblast – Data Base Management
  • The Plant Shop Video
    The Plant Shop Video
  • R B G – Maud Gibson Newsletter
    R B G – Maud Gibson Newsletter
  • Jasmine’s Rose
    Jasmine’s Rose
  • Angel Red label – the best Pomegranate in the market.
    Angel Red label – the best Pomegranate in the market.
  • Trade magazine advertisement
    Trade magazine advertisement
  • Olive labels created for Engalls
    Olive labels created for Engalls
  • Gills Landscape Team Media Advertisement
    Gills Landscape Team Media Advertisement
  • Eyles Ribbon
    Eyles Ribbon
  • Eyles Pipsqueak Promotion
    Eyles Pipsqueak Promotion
  • Eyes Product Range Brochure
    Eyes Product Range Brochure
  • Eureka Seedless Lemon Label
    Eureka Seedless Lemon Label
  • ASQ Gift Card
    ASQ Gift Card
  • Iberis Turbo Label & Brand
    Iberis Turbo Label & Brand
  • Grow Master Perfumed
    Grow Master Perfumed
  • ASQ Magazine Advertisement
    ASQ Magazine Advertisement
  • Eyles Citrus Promotion GES
    Eyles Citrus Promotion GES
  • Eyles Citrus Gems Brand & Marketing Collateral
    Eyles Citrus Gems Brand & Marketing Collateral

How I will assist you

  • Feature 01

    Working collaboratively with you, your business and budget to sell your product and service. To assist you to talk to your existing marketplace or to discover your marketplace.

  • Feature 02

    For emerging, or established businesses, small projects, one off or ongoing.

  • Feature 03

    My marketing services are offered to create brand recognition across a suite of different platforms, from traditional print media to digital and electronic communication.

  • Feature 04

    Create a market for your product invent something new – reinvent – reintroduce – let’s create and package it and make it sing for it’s supper.

  • Feature 05

    Using effective and appropriate communication tools and good design.

  • Featured 06

    Creative, innovative marketing options tailored specifically for your business to suit your needs and budget.

  • Feature 07

    Together we define your point of difference to position and connect you to your market.

  • Feature 08

    Always remember – How we look is how we are perceived, value is in the eye of the beholder!

Here’s a story about me

Here’s a story about me

As a young nursery apprentice, I read an advertisement in an American magazine. It was for a company called the White Flower Farm: they were selling Jasmine plants. The advertisement was in black and white, mostly text. It was simply embellished with an elegant hand sketch: the Jasmine blossom twisted and fell down the vertical of the long slender advertisement space. The evocative prose intertwined romantically and emotionally like the twirling stems of the Jasmine vine. Those words, that image, the imagined fragrance almost scented the page.

This very common Jasmine had been transformed into a “must have” purchase. What were they selling? They were selling the promise, creating the desire, tickling the impulse button. What they were actually selling, for a lot of money, was a tiny rooted cutting – I was bewitched.

This was a defining moment in my fledgling career. Selling the promise, detailing and packaging these beautiful plants that we grow – converting them from “produce” to “prized”, this was what I wanted to do. To generate value for the beautiful, the lush, the unique and exquisitely ordinary. To craft words and image. This was and remains my “mission”. To enhance, present and value add. To create desire and must-have desperation for the end consumer. My career in horticulture has been long and twining, working in amazing top end retail centres, and innovative wholesale production – Roles of manager, buyer, creative director and public relations and always at front of mind: how to better sell that plant.

Creating catalogues, writing for magazines and journals, photographing, merchandising, running forums, teaching and mentoring. Design, branding and creative copy writing, always seeking that marketing opportunity, to better sell that plant, that garden, that concept. The evolution of the web and everyday instant access to information online has created exciting new opportunities to connect and talk to an enormous and product hungry market. 2002 was the year I entered the marketing and brand building arena, offering my range of services to the industry.

Over the years I have directed many amazing projects with impressive outcomes, and have ongoing valued and respected clients. I submerge myself in everything new, embracing technology and the advantages, opportunities and challenges it brings. Connecting with other brand builders, designers and developers, I attend seminars and conferences on fashion trends, market drivers and ecommerce. Seeking inspiration and knowledge that allows me to create relevant contemporary options and solutions for my clients. When I first saw that advertisement, for a very ordinary little plant, from a country that was a “million” miles away, who would have thought that today with a key stroke and a click, the promise is made and the dream delivered, and I can, and do, make that happen, and I can make it happen for you.

Hot Ideas

What we can learn from Master Chef

What we can learn from Master Chef

Yes, we can learn how to bone out a chicken and make an elegant parsnip smear on a plate.
More importantly what we can learn is how to brand Knowledge and Experience and engage people in our industry.

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If you’re not talking to your customers, who is?

If you’re not talking to your customers, who is?

Direct email does not annoy your customer, your customer is expecting it, and they want to hear what you have to say. Well, unless you’re being totally bland and boring? That’s what the unsubscribe button is for, it’s the dunking button. If your customer is not amused, your deleted. Harsh but fair, so be interesting!

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Four thoughts to twist your marketing!

Four thoughts to twist your marketing!

Offer something others don’t.
Be real and check in often
Avoid competency
Fly your flag

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Get the logo you’d rather have, represent you!

Get the logo you’d rather have, represent you!

The real value of online design services.
You’ll be spoilt for choice with so many companies offering these low rate design services.

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